Best Fruit Trees to grow in a small garden

Dwarf Apple Treethroughout the year

Apple Tree • 2019

Apple Tree • 2017

Year 2018, I buy a new sort of fruit tree, a dwarf plum or small plum tree. And then, year 2019 it is bear flowers and become fruits. I am so happy that the tree is so productive and produce more plums fruit on the tree.

Dwarf Plums Treethroughout the year

Dwarf Plum Tree – 2019

Plum (plums) Tree • 2019

Dwarf Apricots Treesthroughout the year

Dwarf Apricot Tree – 2018

You will love and enjoy the fresh fruits and while at the same time reaping a bountiful harvest all year round from your home garden.

Blackberry (Brombeeren) Blackberries
throughout the year

Blackberry (Brombeeren) Blackberries – 2019
Blackberry (Brombeeren) Blackberries – 2017
Ground Cherry, Golden Berries, Physalis – 2018

Fruit Trees Care

I am not the expert but my experienced give me more knowledge or idea how to do it properly.

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