Growing Blackberries In Container – Mulberry – Brombeeren

Hello gardener, how are you, it’s fruit day.

Plant and grow Mulberry or Brombeeren or blackberries in container is great ideas and method to harvest, care and transfer in any part in the garden. You will be never regret.

Wish you a very happy and healthy life – Tippsvonevelyn 💞

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Type of Hybrid Blackberries

1) Boysenberry Cross of Loganberry and Blackberry
2) Loganberry Cross of Raspberry and Blackberry
3) Tayberry Cross of Raspberry and Blackberry
4) Japanese Wineberry Covered in Red Bristles
5) Marionberry
6) Olallieberry

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For my soil container mixing are vermiculite, compost, coconut fibers or peat and grass clippings on the top.


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