Harvesting Mulberries and Blackberries

Plant and grow Mulberry or Brombeeren or blackberries in container is great ideas and method to harvest, care and transfer in any part in the garden. Try It!  You will be never regret. For my soil container mixing are vermiculite, compost, coconut fibers or peat and grass clippings on the top.   My Container Garden […]

Cherry Tree – Growing Dwarf Fruit Tree in Container

Cherry Tree in Container Growing fruit at home is a delicious and enjoyable alternative to buying it in the shop. Fruit: large cherries, dark red, strong more fruit, sugar acid – content, shiny, juicy and sweet. Things you need: Selecting the right container size and location Optimizing soil composition and nutrients Managing light, water, and humidity

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Dwarf Apple: How to Grow apple tree in a Container

How to Grow apple tree in a Container Planting a dwarf Apple tree is a great way to enjoy your own supply of fresh juicy fruit at home. Things you need: Container size – 90 Liter container is enough but the bigger is the better Soil – vermiculite, compost, coconut fibers or peat and grass […]