Unhealthy Orchid

Today I  bought two Orchid. What can you say and think about this? You might be thinking, not to buy because no life, it can be a wasting of time, or because you use to buy the most beautiful Orchid that really in place or looks fantastic.

For me, I see this Orchid is alive and still beautiful. Yeah, i know something went wrong in this Orchid. They are luck of  water, sun, care and love. At the store, or at the flowers shop, it happen that they will get dry. The Shop doesn’t have much time to take good care of them, rather to sale them as soon as possible.

And you enter the shop and see it might you will say, it is ugly, it will never grow and alive again. I don’t want to have and buy it. Even though it is not pretty like you use to buy. Just believe, even a flower has a chance to live.

I decided to buy it not because of the price, just want to take it good care.

As an Orchids fan, there are no limitations. Pretty or ugly is you’re own decision as long as you give a love and a care.

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