Phalaenopsis Orchid grow in the air.

Phalaenopsis Orchid planted in the air
Phalaenopsis Orchid planted in the air
the leaves itself never been dry but rather healthy
the flowers stay a long period of time
and more surprisely its become a new roots


Orchid is the most beautiful flowers that everyone of us want  to have at home as decor.

My experiment goes like this, I have planted Phalaenopsis purple orchid without soil but on the air.  I am just so curious if this really work out. Within one week  observation, I’ve found out that they  are still  alive and  bloom. And I have been thinking maybe  in  months itself can’t survive. Yeah they make it within 2 months they are still healthy and lovely never been expect this so far.

The result was a great surprise for me. Now, I’m so eager  to learn  more about orchids  and maybe to discover some method of planting.


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