Growing Cherry In Container – 2015

Cherry Tree is taken last 2015 I bought this semi dwarf Cherry Tree at Aldi Süd here in Germany last 2013 year. How do you grow cherry trees? I have try to plant it in container for just an experiment. Some of my neighbor looking at me and wondering. Why do you grow cherry in container? In my opinion, planting in container is good idea so that i can bring it anywhere in my garden. It was so tiny cherry […]

How To Wear: Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessoires

A small crossbody bag can be good for running errands, when you want to travel light, or as an evening bag for a more casual event. How to wear Louis Vuitton mini pochette accessoires monogram 1. Belt bags  Infinitely easier by virtue of the fact that you have both hands free 2. Cross-body bags Now, is a designer crossbody bag as practical as a full-sized, work-friendly tote 3. Shoulder bags It’s simple yet cute, totally versatile and looks awesome on […]

Unhealthy Orchid

Today I  bought two Orchid. What can you say and think about this? You might be thinking, not to buy because no life, it can be a wasting of time, or because you use to buy the most beautiful Orchid that really in place or looks fantastic. For me, I see this Orchid is alive and still beautiful. Yeah, i know something went wrong in this Orchid. They are luck of  water, sun, care and love. At the store, or at the flowers shop, it […]

Christmas Cactus

My Christmas Cactus is very stunning flower and bloom twice a year. It’s bloom in the middle of October till April yearly. It is very popular especially in Christmas season. In Germany it is must-have flowers as a center of attraction in table or at the window. The unique of flowers  in form a dragon fly or a butterfly look alike. Harvesting Container Garden 2017 How To Plant Apple Tree In Container 2017 6 Things About Gardening Growing Blackberries / Blueberry In Container Picking […]

Shade of Green

Something cute, stylist and of course bring the fall moment into green look. So far, green is now on trend color, right! This maxi dress is fancy printed leaves. This blazer is super stylist and  so light and soft. You can wear anything in this blazer, and it is defend on how you wear it. Places & Cities To Visit Luxembourg Capital City Tour Brussels Travel Attractions (Belgium) ROERMOND, HOLLAND DESIGNER OUTLET SHOPPING CENTER Passau 2016 – Best Of Passau, Germany Cologne, Germany  […]

ORCHID Doritaenopsis grow in the Air 2015

Orchid is the most beautiful flowers that everyone of us want  to have at home. My experiment goes like this, I have plant Phalaenopsis purple orchid without soil but on the air.  I am just so curious if this really work out. Within one week  observation, I’ve found out that they  are still alive and  bloom. And I have been thinking maybe  in  months itself can’t survive. Yeah they make it within 2 months they are still healthy and lovely never been expect this so far. The result was […]