Leavy dress



Leavy dress

Leavy dress

Fashion is to wear clothing that you only feel comfortable wearing. You need to be able to feel confident and wear whatever you decide as gracefully as you can. Its guide us to bettering ourself and increase our own self-acceptance.

Let’s  get into my outfit, at the first place, the details of these dress captured my heart. Especially  V-neck emphasize  sexiness and the swirl shoulder make  more feminine. I couldn’t decided which is which the bags match, so i picked a longchamp le pliage of course from  Longchamp, not too big and not too small but exactly  suit to these look. Last but not the least, I matched  a light blue flat shoes  cate grey from Humanic .

Wish you a very happy and healthy life Tippsvonevelyn 💞

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