How to make a Japanese Moss Ball Kokedama



kokedama garden

miltonia orchids

star moss

Star moss is Tortula Ruralis. It is my favorite moss in my garden. They can grow in winter season.

how to make a kokedama string garden


how to make a kokedama string garden

miltonia and miltoniopsis
Miltoniopsis  “Miltonia Orchids” is with a tons of fragrant  and  bloom for six weeks or more. It is very scented Orchid, the fragrance can be all over the house. This flowers can  save money for buying house perfume.

how to wrap kokedama

 Japanese Art of Kokedama

kokedama orchids


Making a  hanging garden “Kokedama” is very easy to do it.  And the word “Kokedama”  is idea has its origins in Japan, where it is a combination of both bonsai and kusamono planting style. It is a ball of soil covered with moss, on which an ornament plants grows.

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