Harvesting in Container Garden



Red Rapsberry, Himbeere

Red Rapsberry, Himbeere

Red currants


White currants


Blackberry, Mulberry

Blackberry, Mulberry

Runner Beans



The fruit and crops of  my container gardening at home. Yearly, the harvest are quite differents in term of weather condition podcast of the year. Gardening make a lots of fun, specially when your works and effort paid off the tasty and sweet fruit, vegetables and herbs fresh  is ready to serve .

●Fruits to grow in a garden●
Growing Cherry Tree in container 
Growing Apricot Trees in container
Growing Apple Trees in container 

●Feeding your plants ●
Tree Care
Kitchen Compost Container
90 Litre plastic box
Organic Soil Compost Hydroponics Grow Media
Organic Garden Fertiliser
Professional Soil Mix
90 Litre Tank Gardening Hydroponics

●Fruit & Vegetable Gardening●
Small-Space Vegetable Gardens 
Vertical Edible Strawberry Planter 
Fruit trees mini orchard care 
Mulberry Blackberries -Harvesting 

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