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Composting: Easy Fertilizer and Food Plants at Home

I pick some worm with grass in our lawn, or yard and put in composting bin. After a few weeks, they turn into soil, fertilizer, or food plants. I buy worm city wormery 4 composting trays by Amazon.

Compost make a great soil that rich nutrients, and fertilizer for the garden. This is an environmentally friendly, no odor unlike to composting wastes.

All you need are:

  • Grass clippings – decompose easily quickly and release nitrogen and nutrients.
  • Comfrey leaves – is an excellents of potassium, plant need for flower, seed and fruit production.
  • Worm – lawn or yard
  • Wormery – a house for worm “Vermicompost”

It helps you save money, environmentally friendly, organic soil, improve root growth and structure, the best soil for your garden.

Autumn to winter I feed them dry grass clippings or dry leaves

Spring to Summer I feed them fresh grass clippings, comfrey leaves from my garden.

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