Aloe Vera: Growing Aloe Vera from Cutting and Care

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. It originates from the Arabian Peninsula but grow wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medical uses. The Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years. It is best known for to relieve pain from scrapes and burns. Nowadays, must-have as house plants and products Aloe vera gel, Aloe vera drinks and more. Tips: Planting Aloe […]

Container Gardening

These are the reason behind about choosing to do containers garden removable when weather forecast dictates easily handled with care save time about digging the soil. Soil is the right soil mixing is very important, well work for pots, patio, and containers so that the plants can grow happily. Fertilizer all plants need fertilizer or food and water so that they can grow, produce and bear great fruits and moreover the plants in a container. Happy planting The fruit of […]

My Little Garden Covered In Snow

  Loving the view of my container garden that are covered with snowflake. Let it snow! Winter Wonderland ! ●Fruits to grow in a garden● Growing Cherry Tree in container  Growing Apricot Trees in container Growing Apple Trees in container  ●Feeding your plants ● Tree Care  Best Soil  Food for plants  Control Bug︱ Larvae Container gardening  Stop Slugs︱ Snails  ●Fruit & Vegetable Gardening● Small-Space Vegetable Gardens  Vertical Edible Strawberry Planter  Fruit trees mini orchard care  Mulberry Blackberries -Harvesting 


I try to put worms in container and its end up a great result. So i decided to buy wormcity wormery 4 composting trays by amazon to learn more about it. I picked some worm together with some  grass in our lawn, yard and put in composting bin. Few week passed by, I never thought that the worms  working out. I see that they are really a good workers, they give me a great soil, not only a soil but rich nutrients […]

Harvesting Mulberries and Blackberries

Plant and grow Mulberry or Brombeeren or blackberries in container is great ideas and method to harvest, care and transfer in any part in the garden. Try It!  You will be never regret. For my soil container mixing are vermiculite, compost, coconut fibers or peat and grass clippings on the top.   My Container Garden At Home Harvesting Container Garden 2017 How To Plant Apple Tree In Container 2017 6 Things About Gardening Growing Blackberries / Blueberry In Container Picking home- […]

Growing Cherry Trees in Container

    What is a Containers garden? Container garden – In my opinion, container garden has a reason behind, you don’t have enough space in the yard  you don’t need to spend time digging the soil you can move the plants  in circumstances dictate, Particularly, strong wind.      2. Do cherry tree need full sun? Yes! They are need the sun so that they can bear more fruits.     3.What is the perfect size of container to plants?  90Liter […]

Growing Apple Trees in Pots | How to Grow apple tree in a Container

  I have been plant this Apple in container last 2016.   Here are the following complete guide on how to grow Apple tree in container.   1. 90Liter tree container 2. Soil mix :  vermiculite, compost, coconut fibers or peat and grass clippings on the top 3. Worms –  are good foor the plants and tree. 4. Sunshine – apple tree need more sunshine for bearing fruits . 5. Water –   1 liter per day is good enough Harvesting Container Garden 2017 […]