Growing Cherry Trees in Container

    What is a Containers garden? Container garden – In my opinion, container garden has a reason behind, you don’t have enough space in the yard  you don’t need to spend time digging the soil you can move the plants  in circumstances dictate, Particularly, strong wind.      2. Do cherry tree need full sun? Yes! They are need the sun so that they can bear more fruits.     3.What is the perfect size of container to plants?  90Liter […]

Growing Apple Trees in Pots | How to Grow apple tree in a Container

  I have been plant this Apple in container last 2016.   Here are the following complete guide on how to grow Apple tree in container.   1. 90Liter tree container 2. Soil mix :  vermiculite, compost, coconut fibers or peat and grass clippings on the top 3. Worms –  are good foor the plants and tree. 4. Sunshine – apple tree need more sunshine for bearing fruits . 5. Water –   1 liter per day is good enough Harvesting Container Garden 2017 […]

Growing Cherry In Container – 2015

Cherry Tree is taken last 2015 I bought this semi dwarf Cherry Tree at Aldi Süd here in Germany last 2013 year. How do you grow cherry trees? I have try to plant it in container for just an experiment. Some of my neighbor looking at me and wondering. Why do you grow cherry in container? In my opinion, planting in container is good idea so that i can bring it anywhere in my garden. It was so tiny cherry […]