Aloe Vera repotting and care

Aloe Vera repotting and care

how to transplant aloeGround cover bark, mulch

transplanting aloe without rootsSoil –  normal garden soil, organic compost soil,  vermiculite, coconut fiber,  peats

how to grow aloe vera from cutting youtubewatering

repotting aloe vera houseplant

how to prune an aloe plantHole making

how to cut an aloe plant for useAvoid the roots damage

Fantastic Succulents Aloe Vera PlantsFantastic Succulents Aloe Vera Plants

Today is planting Aloe Vera plants. It is very well-known to us. Because of the amazing uses and health benefits.

How to plant Aloe Vera?

  1. Pots – choose pots you like.
  2. Wood bark  – put some wood bark at the bottom so that the water can flow than being stagnant that can cause of the plant’s damage.
  3. Soil –  normal garden soil, organic compost soil, vermiculite, coconut fiber or peats, the best soil that every plant should have.
  4.  Watering  – sometimes you give much water than what plants really need
  5.  Planting – before planting it in the soil, make sure that there is a hole, to avoid the roots broken and a place u put it properly.

Everyone has its own method of planting and mine too but our aim is the same.

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