Gardening In Containers

6 THINGS ABOUT GARDENING – why you should plant a garden in your backyard home small benefits garden.

    1. Stress relief – Gardening can help reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol.
    2. Immunity Booster – Direct exposure to dirt and plants can help boost your immune system.

    1. Work Out – 3 hours of moderate gardening could equal a 1 hour gym session .
    2. Bacteria friends – soil contains a natural antidepressant that can make us happier 

  1. Green Diet – Those who grow veggies are more conscious about having a healthy diet.
  2. Brain Health – One Study revealed that daily gardening can reduce risk of dementia.

For my soil container mixing are vermiculite, compost, coconut fibers or peat and grass clippings on the top.

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